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Black Canadian Businesses In Action (BCB in Action) brings together entrepreneurs and professionals and provides them opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

This is done through advocacy, education, leadership, networking, skill building, economic, programs and empowerment.

BCB in Action aims to be the leader in building a strong community of Black businesses in Western Canada, and aims to support, promote and empower Black entrepreneurs to innovate and conquer national and international markets.


To be an organization leader that serves and represents the interests of Black businesses and professionals in the community in

Western Canada.


  • Promote growth and visibility to Black businesses in the community

  • Support Black business to meet the entrepreneurial landscape of Alberta, Canada and beyond

  • Equip Black businesses with knowledge and skills to drive their business forward. 

  • Identify gaps in the business environment and ways to help businesses thrive.

  • Provide a platform to form relationships with like-minded business owners that validates community belonging and cohesion through networking in order to advance their businesses.

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The Goal Is To Train & Inspire Black Entrepreneurs. 

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